The Best Toys For Young Children By Age And Stage

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Getting toys for your children involves more than a simple trip to the toy store. When you have young children, you need to match the toys you get with their age and development stage. AS your child ages and develops, their toys need to stimulate them in different ways.

Newborn To 6 Months

Babies like looking at people and will track them with their eyes. Bright colors and faces are ideal for this age range. The best toys for them will be something they can reach for, which makes a noise and that they can listen to. Toys that offer them something to look at will also be ideal.

7 To 12 Months

At this age, your baby is able to move on their own with greater ease. They also understand more such as responding to their name, common works and they have the coordination to pull things in and out of containers. The ideal toys for them will be something they can pretend with such as plastic or wood vehicles and dolls. Toys that allow them to build such as large wooden cubes and soft blocks are also recommended.Check out the resources:


A 1-year-old will be on the move and they will be able to steadily walk and some can climb stairs. They will be enjoying stories, saying their first words and like to experiment. The ideal toy for these busy children will be things that they can pretend with and create with. Large pegboards, toys with parts that move and do things are also great for these children because they use different muscles.


At this age, your child is officially a toddler and they are rapidly learning language and have some understanding of danger. They will also be more physical than before with jumping from heights, rolling and engaging in rough and tumble play. There are a lot of different types of toys you can get for children at this age.

The toys should have problems for them to solve such as small wood puzzles or object sorting. Toys that allow them to pretend and build such as child-sized furniture and construction sets. Picture books with more details than those for younger children are also important. Toys that work their muscles should also be purchased such as ride-on equipment and small balls for kicking or throwing.

3 To 6-Year-Olds

At this age, your child will have a longer attention span and they are going to be asking a lot of questions. They still like to experiment and still have emerging physical skills. The ideal toys for this age-range will be toys that offer problems for them to solve and books with more words than pictures. If you want to allow access to a computer at this age, there are many interactive programs that are focused on this age.

As your child ages and develop, you need to get toys that will help stimulate their physical and mental developments. The toys that you should get for a newborn are very different from the ones for a toddler because of the difference in their capabilities.

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