What to Get a One-Year-Old for His Birthday

August 12, 2019 0 Comment

The first year of a child’s life is full of wonder. He grows like crazy, builds mobility, and may even be speaking by the time his first birthday rolls around! Naturally, this birthday deserves special attention, as it is the first time he turns a number, so-to-speak, and it is the first of many happy birthdays to come! So what do you get a one-year-old for his birthday that will surely be a hit? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Clothing

We start off our list by mentioning something practical. Clothing is something that is always appreciated by parents, as their little person is going to continue to grow on up! By the time a child turns 1, he or she is probably already wearing 12-month clothing. However, if you are in doubt and want to keep your gift a surprise, you can’t go wrong with purchasing 18-month items or even 24-month/2T items. If the child can’t fit the clothing now, they certainly will before long.

Shoes are always a good idea, as one-year-olds enjoy moving around, and will probably be enjoying time outside more than ever before. Accessories, such as hats, socks, and outerwear are always appreciated, as well.

2. Brain-Stimulating Toys

Children reaching their first birthday love to play, and now is an excellent time to begin stimulating that growing brain! Undoubtedly he has been playing with toys for most of his life, but a toy that helps him learn the alphabet, decipher colors, and even begin speaking or moving around are excellent stepping stones for future growth and development. When in doubt, be sure to pick a toy that states it is suitable for a little one his age. Parents will also be thankful for anything that is designed to be used for years.

3. Dish Sets and Sippy Cups

At one year of age, a child is going to be encouraged to get off of the bottle. Therefore, a sippy cup is a gift that is practical and will be appreciated by the parents of the child. Design won’t matter so much as quality, in this case. A leak-proof sippy cup will save the parents a lot of work and cleaning up, although if the cup features the child’s favorite cartoon characters it is certainly a plus.

This is the time when a little one will begin eating more food items his parents eat, so the gift of a dish set is also sure to go a long way. These typically come with utensils appropriate for use by a one-year-old, a plate/tray, and a cup.

4. Diapers

Unless the parents of the child are superhuman, it’s unlikely that the little one has been potty trained by their first birthday. That means that now, more than ever, they are going to need diapers. These come in sizes determined by the weight of the child, so if you plan to go this route, make sure you ask how much the little one weighs so that you purchase the right size diapers for him.

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